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Assalamualaikum :)

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Topup RM5 x 2 by AinRuslee, Topup RM5 x 1 by Ayra Iyha, Topup RM5 x 1 by Miss Fairytale, Topup RM5 x 2 by Insyirah Aisyah, Tshirt R4BIA x 1 by Homemade Tshirt Printing, EXO Felt Keychain x 2 by Eymasu and World Craft, Voucher diskaun 10% kepada semua peserta by Aqma's Craft, Voucher diskaun kepada semua peserta by Azyan Ramle, Smurf Shoes Hp Plug x 1 by Azyan Ramle, Ring x 1 by Random Rainbow, Shiseido Mask x 1 by Lilly Lolly, Banner x 3 by Aina Diana's Blog, Review blog x 5 by BlogForGiveaways, Personalized Towel x 2 by MamAlya Boutique, Header x 3 by Nurina Izzati, Perfume DKNY miniature x1 by Venessa Jane, Cursor x 4 by Miss Fairytale,
Custom Button Badge x 10 by Button Badge Bajet

Mini Giveaway by AnemZahar ditaja oleh Ain Ruslee, Ayra Iyha, Miss Fairytale, Homemade Tshirt Printing, Insyirah Aisyah, Eymasu and World Craft, Aqma's Craft, Azyan Ramle, Random Rainbow, Lilly Lolly, Aina Diana's Blog, BlogForGiveaways, MamAlya Boutique, Nurina Izzati,Button Badge Bajet dan Venessa Jane.

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